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How To Choose Maternity Clothes

posted on 21 February 2019 | posted in General

Once upon a time the only clothing options available to pregnant women were leggings, frumpy polka dot dresses (with no sense of shape or form) or their boyfriends shirts! However, as with so much in the modern world, celebrities have massively changed women`s maternity clothing. No longer are women expected to sit around getting bigger, nowadays pregnant women can carry on with their jobs and lifestyle be that a famous Hollywood actress or a fashionista music star. When various members of successful British band `All Saints` got pregnant in the 90`s they stuck to their halter tops and low cut pants, proudly displaying their growing bumps - and the trend has never gone away! Gwen Stefani, Nicole Richie, Angelina Jolie and Ashley Simpson, have totally rocked their pregnancy look wearing high fashion clothing for all occasions!

Maternity clothing for 2016 looks to be as fabulous as the 2015 collections were. You will find the celebrity staple, the `Maxi` dress is still a popular choice. This fantastic dress is so versatile and flattering and will literally grow with you! Navy seems to be `the ` colour for Maternity fashion in 2016, the ASOS collection in particular seems to focus on navy. Maternity clothing is set to be comfortable but stylish, mainly form hugging, but with key pieces such as cardigans and scarf`s, which help detract and draw the eye away from weight gain `areas` such as upper arms.

Floral prints seem to be very much in fashion for 2016, but really clothing is so versatile you will not have to sacrifice your own personal style. Maternity jeans are so comfortable and bang on trend, whilst allowing you to rock the casual look. Team with long tops and short cardigans for a look that yells comfort, whilst oozing style!

Do not forget your maternity basics, underwear is king! Your growing bosom needs to be supported but do not think you have to live in larger knickers! Modern maternity knickers come in all sizes, from over the belly style for comfort and a sense of protection to sexy maternity thongs when the occasion arises!

When you ask yourself pregnancy clothing related baby questions such as "what can I wear to a big corporate night out?" you may find that maternity cocktail dresses and stylish office wear means that pregnancy will not leave you instead sitting at home with a bar of chocolate in one hand and the remote in the other! A black asymmetric dress, or some black evening maternity trousers teamed with a stylish sleeveless shimmering top will see you through any evening out.

A flattering maternity trench coat is a definite must have if you are entering the latter stages of pregnancy as 2016 dawns. For those who will be second or third trimester come summer 2016, there is loads of swimwear and maternity bikinis that will support you whilst flattering your newly developing ample bosom! If you really cannot bear to part with your favourite jeans, then the all important Belly Belt, is a fantastic way to `stretch` their usage!

Below is what a good capsule maternity wardrobe has inside and why
  1. Comfortable and on trend: Maternity jeans
  2. Ooze style: long top and short cardigan
  3. The celebrity staple: Maxi dress
  4. Maternity basics: Maternity briefs, bra anda belly belt
  5. Corporate night out: Little black maternity dress or black maternity trousers with shimmering maternity top
  6. Flattering and warm: Maternity trench coat

by Maria Patterson
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