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Ensuring A Correctly Fitted Bra

posted on 1 December 2013 | posted in General

by Maria Patterson

It is very important to ensure a correctly fitted bra

Fit Check List:

  • The cups should completely contain the breasts.
  • The breast should not bulge over the top or out of the sides of the cup. This indicates that the cup may be too small.
  • The cups fit smoothly. Gaps or wrinkling indicate that the cups are too large.
  • The bra should be snug but not too tight around the body.
  • The back of the bra should stay down and not ride up on the back. Riding up indicates too large a band size. Try one band size smaller.
  • The centre of the bra should lie flat against the breastbone. Otherwise, the cups may be too small. Try a larger cup size or a different style.
  • The straps should be adjusted to support comfortably without pressure or cutting in.
  • The bra feels comfortable

Maternity Bras

To find the correct fit for maternity bras, simply follow the same fitting techniques as listed above and then check for the following:

  • Shop for nursing bras in the last trimester of pregnancy to assure a lasting fit.
  • Bras should securely support but not bind under the breast. Constricting the breast could affect milk flow.
  • Breasts continually change in both shape and size throughout pregnancy. Choose a bra with a roomy cup design so that the breasts can expand once your milk comes in.
  • The upper side of the cups should be loose without sacrificing comfort or support. If breasts enlarge beyond a couple of sizes, refitting may be necessary.
  • Try on bras with a breast pad or shield. Place the pad inside the cups to check for fit.
  • The centre of the bra should lie flat against the breastbone and the bra shouldn't ride up in the back. Ride-up indicates that the band may be too large, the cups or shoulder straps too tight, or the need for more support.
  • The bra should fit comfortably when fastened on the middle row of back hooks. This will allow for changes in body size as the pregnancy progresses and after delivery.
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